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sparklers      $11.

ring it in
prosecco, carpano antica formula, brown sugar, orange

grapefruit liqueur, tart cherry, and prosecco

angels share
michter’s bourbon, orange and prosecco


scarecrow sangria        11.
flagg hill spiced rum, apricot liqueur, cranberry shrub, touch cinnamon, red wine

no holds barred         12.
espolon reposado tequila, habanero-green tea, pineapple, lime

g & t up         12.
glendalough gin, tonic syrup, lime, orange

eat a peach         15.
privateer amber rum, bull run bourbon, ferjulian peach nectar, dashfire bitters and lemon

blind date         15.
hangar one vodka,drambui,luxardo maraschino, lemon, cranberry

1776 revisited         15.

glendolough double barrel whiskey, hennessy vs, amaretto, lillet blanc, lemon

buckle up         17.
whistle pig rye, st. germaine elderflower, blackberry simple, lemon, cucumber

equinox .        17.

knob creek bourbon, belle de brillet, averna amaro, chartreuse


hard cider

downeast cider      12oz: $4.50

crispin’      22oz: $12
“honey crisp” hard cider

imported beers

amstel light        5.

duvel        8.

guiness stout        6.

heineken        5.

lindemans framb.        8.

mayflower brown ale        5.

kaliber        4.

domestic beers

on tap ~ ask your server

abita turbodog     5.

allagash white      6.

blue moon       6.

brooklyn lager     3.50

cisco whale’s tale pale ale      5.

lagunitas, ipa      5.

miller lite      5.

north coast scrimshaw pilsner 5.

sam adams      5.

sam adams light      5.

sierra nevada pale      5.

stone delicious, gluten removed      5.