wine menu

wines are listed in each category from the most delicate to the most robust

white wine list

light, crisp & dry versatile wines; great for sipping and with salads, mussels and chicken

pinot grigio
maso canali, italy      11. /33.
full, fruity, soft

sauvignon blanc
ferrari-carano,california      12. / 36.
smooth, refined, slight oak

sauvignon blanc
dashwood, new zealand      10. / 30.
vivid, fruity, lingering

araldica gavi, piedmont  italy     27.
mineral, green apple, grapefruit

grüner veltliner
lois, austria      10. / 30.
spice, exotic fruit, lively

medium, mild & dry very food friendly wines; great with light dishes of seafood and poultry

sauvignon blanc
fournier, sancerre france    30.
clean, soft , elegant

pinot gris
trimbach reserve, france      12. / 36.
peach, full, no oak

raymond “r collection”,ca.      10. /30.
pineapple, vanilla, smooth

ch. ste. michelle, washington      10. / 30.
subtle, sweet lime, peach

full bodied whites; with full flavors, butter and cream sauces; pair with tuna and steak frites

“wente” riva ranch, california      13. /39.
pear, creamy, toasty

cake bread, napa valley, california      60.
big, rich, apples

verdicchio,bucci classic
march, italy          40.
golden apple, almond, silky

sparkling wines; perfect celebration wine and a great wine that pairs with all foods

lamarca, italy      10. glass / 30. bottle
soft peach, slight creaminess

rosé (pinot noir & gamay)
bailey la pierre, cremant de bourgogne

france      35.full
berry, soft, finesse

veuve cliquot, france      40.half / 80.full
rich, robust, classic

moscato di asti
marchesi di gresy, italy       18. half bottle
fresh, sweet

red wine list

soft, delicate & bright; flexible wines pair well with most foods

pinot noir
bridlewood, california      10. / 30.
cherry, oak, cloves

pinot noir
louis latour, valmoissine, france      12. / 36.
bright, berries, herbs

toscolo, chianti classico, italy      11./ 33.
silky, berries, balanced

rich, juicy and spicy; good with earthy flavors

freemark abbey, rutherford ranch, napa      14. / 42.
espresso, dried cranberry, chocolate

jim jim, australia      10. / 30.
black red, abundant fruit, integrated

protocol, la mancha, spain     10./30.
black cherry, juicy, spcie

fourteen hands, washington      10. / 30.
cherry, round, oak

barbera, quattro mani
piedmont, italy    27.
sweet, soft, juicy

petite sirah, parducci “true grit”
north coast, ca.      40.
fruit, intense berry, pepper

grenache,syrah and mouvedre, domaine paul autard
france    30.
black cherry, spice,mineral

montepulciano d’abruzzo, la valentina,
abruzzo, italy  427.
tangy, decadent, opulent

big, bold and full; good with full bold flavors

muga riserva      half 25. / full 50.
velvety, rich, full

bogle, california      10. /30.
deep, ripe, mellow

altos las hormigas, argentina      10. / 30.
plush, dark chocolate, plum

cabernet sauvignon
montes, chile      10. / 30.
smooth, full, spice

cabernet sauvignon
steele, california      13. / 39.
big, mellow, spice

sangiovese blend
steele, california      13. / 39.
big, mellow, spice

zinfandel-cabernet-syrah brancaia “tre”
tuscany, italy   36.

cabernet sauvignon
jordan, california      75.
berry, coffee, intense

zinfandel blend angels and cowboys
sonoma, ca.    40.
warm spice,complex,decadent

malbec blend, don miguel gascon “colossal”
argentina     30.
cherry, chocolate, spice

art of blending flight   11.

dom.sainte-eugénie, les clos
$10 glass / $30 bottle

dom.sainte-eugénie,corbières la réserve
$12 glass / $36 bottle

luzon altos de luzon crianza, jumilla spain
$10 glass / $30 bottle

white wine flight 10.

martin codax, albariño, spain
$10 glass / $30 bottle

macmurray ranch, pinot gris, sonoma
$11 glass / $33 bottle

domaine gournier, viognier,france
$8 glass / $24 bottle