vegetarian menu


fresh vegetable dumplings       12.
six pan fried dumplings delicately stuffed with asian vegetables and fresh bean sprouts; served with a trio of dipping sauces; chili, honey ginger, caramelized soy

goat cheese and spinach pizza   12.
Topped with goat cheese cream sauce, fresh spinach, and four cheese blend

white bean spread  (vegan)    10.
topped with diced roasted tomato, toasted pine nuts & scallions; with rosemary focaccia, or vegetable sticks


tortelloni     15. petite / 20. entrée
sautéed spinach, pumpkin filled tortelloni, in a goat cheese cream sauce. Topped with parmesan, and dried cranberries

stir fry       15.
shitake mushroom, scallion, bok choy, and egg

roasted shiitakes and bok choy       15. petite / 20. entrée
served with sticky rice; wasabi, caramelized soy & pickled ginger (vegan)