gluten free menu


prince edward island mussels       12.
tossed with white wine, garlic butter, diced tomato, scallions, and mushrooms

white bean spread  (vegan)    10.
topped with sundried tomato pesto, served with vegetable sticks


filet mignon       entrée 34.
filet mignon, grilled and topped with a blend of cracked black pepper, savory blue cheese, and extra virgin olive oil; served over crashed potatoes.

tuna      four ounce: market price / eight ounce: market price
center cut tuna steak crusted with black and white sesame seed; served with sticky rice and grilled shitake mushrooms; served with wasabi and gluten-free soy sauce

peg’s salmon     four ounce: 19. / eight ounce: 26.
roasted salmon filet served with Japanese sticky rice; with fresh tomatoes and spinach sautéed in olive oil

Please check our regular dinner menu for other gluten-free dishes