catering menu

hors d’oeurves/cold

  • smoked salmon canapés
  • goose paté
  • carpaccio canapés
  • ham and dijon butter canapés
  • assorted sushi & maki rolls
  • filet with salsa verde
  • fresh pear & stilton wrapped with proscuitto
  • endive, boursin & caviar
  • honeydew proscuitto
  • dill pancakes, sour cream & caviar
  • cucumber wheelblue cheese & bacon
  • tomato & mozzarella kabob

hors d’oeurves/hot

  • potato, goat cheese & rosemary tart
  • blinis, sour cream & caviar
  • deep fried camembert
  • beef sliders with lobster aioli
  • spanicopitta
  • scallops in bacon
  • thai chicken / peanut sauce
  • coconut shrimp with mustard sauce
  • smoked salmon croissants
  • bacon, fig, goat cheese strudel
  • scallops in herb cream sauce
  • assorted mini pizza
  • mini beef wellington
  • gourmet mushroom pillows
  • crab rangoon
  • baby lollipop lamb chops with mint dipping sauce
  • grilled filet of beef on skewer with horseradish dip
  • grilled jumbo shrimps/ salsa
  • warm brie on toast rounds with fig chutney
  • asian vegetarian dumping and assorted dipping sauces

party platters

baked brie encroute with fruits
a beautiful selection of fresh fruits surrounding a pastry-wrapped wheel of warm brie cheese.

fresh fruit or crudité
a bright array of fresh assorted fruits or vegetables served with your choice of dipping sauces.

antipasto platter
assorted italian cold cuts, marinated vegetables, grilled vegetables, and cheeses

smoked salmon
the finest sliced smoked salmon arranged on a bed of greens accompanied by tomatoes, onions, capers, cream cheese, crusty pumpernickel bread or bagels.

poached salmon platter
fresh atlantic salmon poached to perfection, with herb aioli & sliced cucumbers on a bed of greens.

roasted filet mignon
beef filet ; roasted and served with béarnaise

artisanal cheese platter
camembert, triple cream, wensley dale cranberry, blue cheese, chevre assorted crackers and breads

paté platter
smooth goose pate with sliced tomato, red onion,
pommerey mustard and french bread

chilled fruit du mer
served with cocktail or louis sauce

dessert platter
a selection of homemade brownies, classic cookies and avariety of tarts, served with fresh strawberries